Malaika4wc Vzw

Is a non-profit organization that was founded in Aug 2020 by Marijke, Marc & Jan.

Our goal is to help vulnerable women, and through them also their children, on their way to a better life.

In Kampala, for example, many vulnerable women and their children live in appalling conditions.

We want to change that by, among other things, setting up a sewing workshop.

Through a "Teach the teacher" formula we want to teach women to sew, crochet and knit so that they can eventually work as independent seamstresses.

This way we give women the opportunity to generate their own income and also support their children.

With their own income they can feed their children better and send them to school.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, our projects abroad have been temporarily suspended. However, we are still making further plans and saving for the future so that after this crisis we can look for new accommodation for our sewing workshop and continue where we left off.

How can you help the vulnarable women?

You can help our vulnerable women in several ways. First and foremost by giving them work.

For example, by donating one or more birth sets to a vulnerable woman in Nsambya or Kampala, you support at least 2 women: you donate something to the young mother and her child and you create work for another vulnerable woman who works in our sewing workshop. Isn't that wonderful!

Give them drinkable water

20 million Ugandans do not have access to safe drinking water.
They drink dirty water from ditches and heavily polluted wells which is the No. 2 cause of death for children under 5.

Sprouts for water, a Ugandan company, developed a ceramic filter that filters 99.99% of all impurities including bacteria from the water. For barely 25 euros, up to 6 people have access to clean water for 2 years.

Donate a water filter through our gift shop so that they too can enjoy clean water. Please do!

Or buy something from the gift shop

Where you will find plenty of gifts for him, for her, for the kids or the baby. Everything is homemade with love by Malaika & Co.
The proceeds of this sewing work will go directly towards our sewing workshop.
If you don't live too far from Temse or Wilrijk, you can come and pick it up or we will bring it to your door for a small additional fee. If you live further away, we can send your order at an additional cost via Bpost.

Thank you in advance for your order.

Become a volunteer

To strengthen our team, we are always looking for volunteers who can handle a sewing machine. Volunteers with strong language skills who can write or improve texts in both Dutch and English are also very welcome.

Are you someone with some free time now and then?
Are you handy with a needle, scissors, sewing machine, Dutch and/or English?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Malaika Aangepast Rond WIT Grijs 150


Malaika4wc vzw - Koning Albertlaan 35 - 9140 Temse

Account number: BE34 0018 9202 3190 
Company registration number: BTW BE0751.800.775  
Malaika4wc VZW is a micro-enterprise and is VAT exempt.




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